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— Henry, Mount Vernon Police Department (1 of 2)

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— Henry, Mount Vernon Police Department (2 of 2)

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– Nick, Officer


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We have simplified the hiring process. Officers apply to jobs with a modern, industry specific resume, with one click.

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We accommodate all types of job listings, from Security Companies to Individuals, and everyone in between. Our Officers can be hired for almost anything.

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Officers applying for a job on OfficerList, Retired NYPD, Retired NYPD Private Investigator, and Active NCPD.

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OfficerList pricing for employers is only $20 a job, compared to Indeed, LinkedIn, and Craigslist.

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Our members are exclusively active and retired law enforcement officers, unlike other services out there; saving you time and money when finding the right person for your needs. Post a job in minutes.

OfficerList is more than jobs, we are a community.

Welcome to the newly redesigned, high-powered job site exclusively for active and retired law enforcement officers. We tailored our online community specifically to meet the highest standards of privacy and anonymity. Search jobs, buy, sell and trade in our marketplace and share in our forum with other Verified LEO members.

Rich Edelman, OfficerList
Rich Edelman
Retired NYPD, Founder/CEO

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