BODYGUARDS (They’re Not Just for the Rich Anymore)

Bodyguards, the ultimate status symbol for celebrities, CEO’s and the uber wealthy, aren’t just for A-listers and the elite anymore. An army of off-duty and retired Law Enforcement Officers, working as freelancers, are now offering professional protection services starting at just $25 per hour at

Officers are legally armed and have extensive training in the protection of people and property.   Security is evolving into an on-demand service. If you are looking to hire an Officer, you can find one on our platform. We have streamlined the process for you by verifying our Officers so you can rest assured you are hiring a bona-fide active or retired Law Enforcement Officer.

If you’re in New York City, hire an NYPD Officer. In Washington, D.C., hire U.S. Capitol Police. Want to hire an investigator? Many of our freelancers are detectives and licensed private investigators. Our platform hosts Officers from hundreds of law enforcement agencies, varying from small town police departments to federal agencies. Go to and hire the best-trained security professionals in the world!