Employer FAQs

As we announce the launch of our brand new, high powered OfficerList.com, we would first like to thank you for being a valued member!

We’ve spent the last 18 months in development to create the best user experience for our members to recruit off-duty and retired law enforcement officers for their jobs.

Here’s a short list of some frequently asked questions and answers that may be helpful:

Q- Will my account be transferred over to the new site?

A- Yes. All accounts have been moved over but we do encourage you to go into your settings to update your details.

QHow will Officers apply to my job listing?

A- Officer applicants will reply to your listing with their profile or with their “LiveResume” and a brief message.

Q- How long will my listing last?

A– All listings will last 90 days.

Q- Is there a process for making a job offer in the site once I decide I want to hire someone?

A- Yes. Once you’ve decided that you want to hire a specific candidate, you can press the job offer “open hand” icon to send them an automated job offer message.

Q- What does “verified by OfficerList” mean?

A- “Verified by OfficerList” means the officer has provided us with valid government ID and has passed our verification process.