Hiring Professional Security: Say Goodbye to the Cloak-and-Dagger

There’s an unusual veil of secrecy around hiring professional security personnel. People talk in whispers, try to find “insiders” to the industry who can tell you who has the most experience, or which officer is really worth the big bucks. At OfficerList, we find that cloak-and-dagger approach a little stifling, so we’ve changed things up a bit.

What’s Different About Us?
Essentially, we are a freelance security platform, which connects clients with trained, certified Law Enforcement Officers. Our client list ranges across all demographics (entrepreneurs, celebrities, country clubs, the general public and so on) and can cater to anyone who has decided to take on extra security, either personally or for their business.

We don’t operate in the shadows. Once we have verified that the officer is licensed, they are given a personal profile on our site, which they can customize to reflect their experience and personality. You (the client) will post some details about the job and any interested freelancer can apply.
Simply interview and vet them as you like, agree to terms and then you’re set: a highly professional, trained security expert is now part of your team.

Based in New York, Available Across the Country
Our main office is in New York City, but as an established online platform, we can validate and register freelancers from all over the US. Naturally, your location will be noted when you post your job, so you won’t have an officer from Portland applying to work at your lush new restaurant in Miami!

Vetted, Experienced, Trustworthy
Freelancing isn’t the risky, uncertain marketplace it used to be. When a new officer wishes to register with our platform, they undergo a thorough background check on their experience and employment, plus they have to be licensed for the job.

OfficerList isn’t about hiring heavies to club the bad guys like in the movies; it’s about enlisting a trained, intelligent professional whose role is to protect you or your business ahead of everything else. We are talking about hand-picked experts, many of whom have already served fruitful careers in the industry.

The First Step
Though OfficerList was built to simplify and improve the process of hiring security professionals, it is not a decision that should be rushed. You can learn all about how we operate via our website, which is full of information for both potential freelancers and prospective clients. Similarly, you can get in touch with us by phone, email or social media.

Check out Officerlist.com and find out how we can help you get the professional protection you need.