Law enforcement officers: Heroes not villains

Let’s get right to it…Everyone who is completely against law enforcement, including but not limited to criminals, the news media, the social justice warriors, the protesters, the armchair quarterbacks, and the people who just need a cause – ‘cause it makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside, are people who benefit from having the men and women of law enforcement on the front lines of terror and crime. It often seems, thanks to the “fake news” algorithms of Facebook and Google, that LEO’s are always killing innocent people, using excessive force on just about everyone they come in contact with and denying people their rights due to inherent and blatant racism. LEO’s are often perceived and portrayed as villains, instead of the heroes they are. Unfortunately, there’s no point in citing statistics, facts, and comparisons to demonstrate the difference between a villain and hero since after all, in 2017, these things have no place in public discussions.

How about we just let Merriam-Webster sort this out?

Villain: a deliberate scoundrel or criminal

Hero: one who shows great courage