Leaving for a trip? Concerned about your safety?

Planning a vacation or trip can cause quite a bit of stress and for some of us, extreme anxiety. Packing, making arrangements for the care of a pet, airport lines, flying (or worse, flying with young children), jet lag, navigating a new or foreign place, are all things that can make the idea of travel less than exciting for some.

Unfortunately now, we have something else to add to our list of considerations when planning a trip; our personal safety. You’ve probably considered going to certain cities or countries but were concerned for your safety there. There are many different variables involving your safety and we don’t really have control over most of them. Traveling is extremely dynamic and full of surprises (hopefully splendid ones) and we must always remain vigilant about our personal safety and the safety of our loved ones.

There are some travelers among us (mainly the rich) who have been using bodyguards while traveling to ensure their safety since about the beginning of time. They often contract with security companies to supply them with guards and various services. For the extremely wealthy, only armed, off-duty and retired law enforcement officers will do. These officers are extremely well vetted by their departments and have extensive training in the protection of people and property. They are also legally armed and extremely familiar with their weapon.

As you might imagine, security companies charge a premium for bodyguard services and even more to supply law enforcement officers for their clients’ protection, leaving most of us unable to afford these services…until now. OfficerList.com is bringing these same law enforcement officers to work for you at a fraction of the cost of security companies. They are now working as freelancers on the OfficerList website. OfficerList.com is a security marketplace where you can hire law enforcement for any security or investigative need without worry. All officers on our site have been fully verified by us and are fully licensed to do any armed security work. Next time you plan a trip, check us out and travel safely.