Officer FAQs

Thank you for being a loyal OfficerList member! We are excited to announce the release of our new site, which includes several new features including a ‘LiveResume’, marketplace and forum.

To make the transition easier, we listed some common FAQs about your membership on the new site:

Q- Will my current account be migrated over to the new site?

A- Your current account will be moved to the new site. Since we’ve upgraded the site to improve it and make it easier to use, we suggest that you go into your settings and update your profile.

Q- What new features does the new site have?

A- ‘LiveResume’, One-click application to jobs, LEO-only Forum, LEO-only Marketplace.

Q- How do I get verified?

A- Click on any “Get Verified” link once logged into OfficerList to learn more. Our new verification process is easy and secure. We have built a completely private and encrypted Amazon s3 secure documents solution (highest industry standard) to securely accept pics of IDs for our verification process. Officer IDs are only accessed and viewed by me, Rich Edelman (Retired NYPD / Founder of OfficerList).

QIf I have been previously verified by OfficerList, do I need to go through the verification process again?

A- Yes, since we have updated our verification process for the new site and deleted all Officer IDs sent to us in the past for your security, we require officers to send us their current ID to keep their verified status in the new site. Many employers, especially Individuals, want prospective officers to be verified by us. In addition to jobs, our Officer-Only Forum and Marketplace needs to be secure and only accessed by verified Officers only.