What have the recent London attacks taught us? To be Alarmed!

Many countries now have some form of terror alert system. The U.S. and U.K. are always raising and lowering them. Many wonder what this exactly means. Tragically, it doesn’t mean a thing. Terror-alert systems are deployed as a show of control over the threat of terrorism. The truth is, we have no control.

Without trying to instill fear (let’s leave that to the terrorists), the public at large needs to walk around with their personal alert level raised to that of a near constant “Alarm.” With attacks happening all around the globe, the threat to the innocent person is growing. People need to start becoming aware of their surroundings and start thinking about things like exit plans, especially in crowded areas and events. Do you go to events, parties, schools, buildings, or work even? These places represent various locations that have been targeted by terrorists and crazed people alike to carry out their agenda and anger to inflict injury and death upon the innocents in our communities.

We must remain vigilant. As evidenced by the latest terror attack in London, even once a report of a terror attack was made, it took 8 minutes for armed officers to arrive to stop the attack. In London, most police officers that are on the street don’t possess guns. In fact, according to NBC News, 90 percent of police officers in

London work without access to a gun. Instead, they are armed with only batons, handcuffs, mace, and occasionally tasers. London police officers were on the scene well before that 8 minutes but were unarmed and unable to effectively engage and neutralize the terrorists. Those 8 minutes (an eternity in a chaotic and dangerous situation) should stick in your mind and keep your alert level raised. Awareness of what is going on around you is your best defense and unfortunately, in the event of a terror attack, YOU are responsible for your own safety.

High profile terror targets have increased security in order to minimize the threat. Mostly, this security consists of unarmed uniformed security guards. These guards are there to report an incident, not respond. Some locations have armed guards and others employ off-duty and retired law enforcement officers who are armed and highly trained to stop a real threat rather than just report one.

Businesses and individuals are increasingly hiring security guards and bodyguards to protect themselves, their families and their employees from the terror threat.Security companies can provide you and your business with any level of threat protection needed. Security freelancers (off-duty and retired cops) are now popping up in many cities offering these services as well. Stay safe, be aware of what’s going on around you and remember to listen to your internal alarm.