Security Freelancing is Now a “Thing”

Need a ride?
Need a babysitter?
Need a handyman?
Need a web developer?
Need business services?

Need a cop?

Many states, cities and towns allow active law enforcement officers (LEO’s) to moonlight off-duty for various businesses and persons. Various municipalities rent out their cops in uniform at a premium rate while taking a commission just as a security company would. Security companies use active and retired LEO’s to fill their armed guard contracts in various places, such as: restaurants, event spaces, office buildings, construction sites, schools and the list goes on. Large companies use security companies to hire armed chauffeurs for their executives. Celebrities require armed guards to protect themselves and their property. The wealthy hire armed security for…well, anything they please.

The high costs attributed to hiring an armed security guard, bodyguard or chauffeur through a security company are often too prohibitive for many would-be clients to use their services…until now.

In New York and other states, active law enforcement officers are legally permitted to work as armed security guards. Retired officers in New York and elsewhere are also legally permitted to work as armed guards after getting a NYS armed guard license.

Some LEO’s find side work directly through their network, friends and family. Someone knows a guy that knows a guy is usually how it goes. These word of mouth connections do happen but are few and far between. The vast majority of available security work comes by way of security companies.

The security industry is vast and growing constantly. To adapt to the increasing need for security and to control costs, security freelancing has arrived. has the only supply of verified, professional, well-trained, armed security the market demands. If you are an active or retired law enforcement professional interested in security work, join the freelancer community at

Need a cop?