Q. Do I need permission from my Department to obtain work through OfficerList?
A. Officers are required by many Departments to have their off-duty employment authorized by their department.

Q. Am I required to disclose which department I work for?
A. When you respond to a job listing, the client automatically receives your rank, name, department and years of experience as part of our secure verification system. Clients will need to see your Department ID at time of service to verify that you are the actual Verified Officer.

Q. How will I be contacted by employers?
A. When you respond to a job listing through our messaging system, clients can message back and you can exchange contact information.

Q. Will signing up as an Officer negatively impact me with my current Employer/Department?
A. Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments allow their Officers to do Off-Duty employment. Officers should be guided by their Departments’ policies and rules.

Q. As an Officer, can I be searched for on OfficerList by the public, Clients, or other Officers?
A. Officers can never be searched by ANYONE. This platform operates with extreme DISCRETION.

Q. As an Officer, how will my information be kept safe?
A. OfficerList will secure Officers’ sensitive information.  Your information will be stored on an off-site encrypted server and will never be shared with 3rd parties.