Q. How much does it cost to post my job?
A. You can post as many jobs as you’d like for free!

Q. Can I screen potential Officers?
A. Yes. When an Officer responds to your job listing, you can message through the site using our message system. You can also exchange email or phone numbers to screen interested Officers and determine who is best suited to do your job.

Q. Are Officers rated by previous clients?
A. Currently no, but this feature will be used in the future.

Q. How can I be sure I’m hiring a real law enforcement Officer?
A. ALL Officers using our platform have been verified by REAL Officers here at OfficerList. At the time of Officer registration with our site, Officers go through a THOROUGH screening process so that clients can be sure of whom they are hiring. When an Officer contacts a Client, the Client will receive information about the Officer so that when services are performed the Client can ask the Officer for ID to verify them.

Q. What if I want to hire an Officer with special skills, such as a detective or an Officer that speaks a different language?
A. As a Client, you can specify any specific skills or experience in the details field of your job listing.

Q. As a Client do I need to divulge the nature of the job I’m listing?
A. It is helpful to describe the job you are listing but not required. The Officer that contacts you will most surely want these details.

Q. How will I be contacted by interested Officers?
A. As a Client, You will receive an Email notification that you have messages pending on our site. You can then sign in and retrieve them.

Q. As a Client, who can see my job listing?
A. Only verified Officers registered with our site can view listings, not the public or other Clients.

Q. Does OfficerList recommend or endorse any individual Officers?
A. OfficerList doesn’t assign, endorse or recommend individual Officers. OfficerList only acts as a facilitator/platform so that Clients and Officers can connect.

Q. How does OfficerList verify Officers?
A. We use a proprietary process to authenticate and verify Officers at the point of registration before allowing them to access the site. As per our Terms of Use Agreement, if there are any changes in the status of any Officers, they are obligated to notify OfficerList. OfficerList does reserve the right to and will periodically require Officers to update/supply us with information relating to their status and information.

Q. How can I pay for service?
A. Clients and Officers will agree on payment terms. Officers may require payment to be made in cash, by check, Paypal or other payment platform. Officer may accept payment by credit card as well through Square or another service.

Q. Can I request the Officer to be unarmed?
A. Yes, but it is up to the Officer if he/she wants to work under that condition.

Q. What will the Officer wear to perform their service?
A. Officers should always present themselves in professional attire. Clients should specify their requirements regarding attire during the service negotiation.

Q. When should an Officer get paid for service?
A. Officers generally will be paid at the completion of service unless other terms are agreed upon.

Q. What do I do if there is a dispute about payment or service?
A. Contact OfficerList if any dispute arises. We will do our best to resolve any disputes and can revoke users (Officers or Clients) membership if necessary.

Q. What are some jobs I can hire an Officer for?
A. Officers can be hired for any legitimate purpose. They can be hired as a chauffeur, for personal protection or property protection. They can also be hired for courier/delivery services, parties/events, construction site security and countless other needs you may have.